Wednesday, July 07, 2004

have a good one, old man!
(for the record, i did post this earlier, but blogger was being poopy)


At 8:20 AM, July 08, 2004, Anonymous Anonymous said... knew exactly what I wanted!! :D

Thanks! :D :D


At 9:52 AM, July 08, 2004, Blogger matt said...

hrmm, that looks nothing like him...

At 10:00 AM, July 08, 2004, Blogger FXWhiz said...

I don't believe I got ANYTHING like this for my birthday. Put me down for a Jessica Alba this year please.

At 1:32 PM, July 09, 2004, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Statistics prove, prove that you've one birthday,
one birthday ev'ry year.
That is why we're gathered here to cheer.
A very merry birthday to you, to you.
A very merry birthday to you,
It's great to drink to someone and I guess that you will do.
A very merry birthday to you



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