Saturday, November 13, 2004

camera cozy. this is just a test one i knit in a few hours to see how it would come out. i just used cheap starter yarn. it turned out okay.. but i'm going to knit another with nice yarn and i'll try to knit a hole on the flap for the strap to come out of. and then i will start work on one for my phone and ipod. :D


At 6:24 AM, November 14, 2004, Blogger getofab said...

it's cute! make me one too! and a pink wig~

At 5:15 PM, November 14, 2004, Blogger trendywendy said...

wow. great job. knit me something :P but not that pink wig.

At 9:16 AM, November 15, 2004, Blogger Kristi said...

so cute!!!


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